Noise Simulation and Visualisation Tools on 2D and 3D GIS Platform for the Urban Renewal Authority

I&T Wish Noise Simulation and Visualisation Tools on 2D and 3D GIS Platform for the Urban Renewal Authority
(REF : W-0246)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) foresees a genuine need to explore a computational traffic noise simulation and visualisation tool (in 3-D environment) for internal use, in order to provide fast-run simulation on design options and for visualisation, to support project feasibility study and enhance the design for built environment. Scope: To support URA on internal development of preliminary assessments on the building environment study with traffic noise simulation tool. To advise and assist URA staff to attain knowledge on skills and standards in using easy-to-use, ready at market software for both 2D and 3D visualisation; To provide technical support in exporting files and related software tools into the URA’s ArcGIS platform; Challenges Candidates should have track records and experience in providing services of similar software tools development and training to the government departments on purpose of computational traffic noise assessment, include knowledge of standards and guidelines commonly used in the industry and adopted by the public bodies and government. The recommended software shall be compatible with multiple 2D and 3D formats with user-defined grid resolution, and export into ESRI multipatch or compatible format, able to publish and visualize on URA’s ArchGIS platform;
Expected Outcome Recommend suitable simulation software tools; Technical support for software procurement and installation, including at least 2 full-day training; Incorporate results into URA 3D ArchGIS platform;
Expected Trial Duration Express of Interest by 31 March 2020, project duration is expected to be 6 months
Contact Information
Contact Person:Ray Ho
Position:Manager (Planning & Design)
Tel: 2588 2115
Upload Date 2020-03-09
Closing Date 2020-03-31