Solar Energy Harvesting Window Panes

I&T Wish Solar Energy Harvesting Window Panes
(REF : W-0014)
Summary and Challenges

The objective of the project is to utilise transparent window panes to harvest sunlight for both indoor illumination and power generation.

While visible light would pass through the transparent pane, invisible light such as infrared and ultraviolet light would be absorbed by the pane to generate electricity. Suitable panes should be sought to develop the energy harvesting system.

A trial site would be selected for prototype testing whereby data would be collected and evaluated for small-scale field implementation to determine energy output. Subsequently, the feasibility of a large-scale application in Hong Kong would be studied.

Expected Outcome To harvest solar energy from transparent window panels
Expected Trial Duration

24 months

Solar Energy Harvesting Clear Glass For Building-integrated Photovoltaics

Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Ms Yau Chi Ying, Vanessa
Position:Electrical and Mechanical Engineer
Tel: 3757 6019
Project Deliverables

Design and completion of prototype testing for solar energy harvesting window panes

Publish Date 2018-03-01
Closing Date 2018-03-15