Robotic Machine for Sand Replacement Test

I&T Wish Robotic Machine for Sand Replacement Test
(REF : W-0262)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges This project aims to develop a robotic machine for determination of in-situ bulk density of fine to coarse grained soils, known as sand replacement test, to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and integrity of the tests for fill compaction control in public works projects. The robotic machine shall:
  • shorten the test duration (currently, it takes about 20 minutes to complete a sand replacement test); 
  • be able to work in construction sites with uneven ground;
  • excavate round hole in fill in construction sites. Approximate sizes of holes include 100 mm in diameter with150 mm in depth, and 200 mm in diameter with 250mm in depth;
  • collect excavated fill into a sealed container with unique codes currently used in the laboratory;
  • measure volume of the hole, e.g. using high resolution 3D imaging technologies, and with the measurement meeting accuracy level of the test;
  • position the holes; and
  • transfer testing data to the existing laboratory information system.
Expected Outcome Solution provider shall be responsible for designing, developing and constructing the robotic machine for sand replacement test and associated software.
Expected Trial Duration Project duration is expected to be 30 months.
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)
Contact Person:Ms. Florence Chu
Position:Geotechnical Engineer
Tel: 23051308

Contact Person:Mr HO Chung Yeung, Jeremy
Position:Engineer/General Engineering Services/Kowloon 1
Upload Date 2020-04-21
Closing Date 2020-06-13