Movable Benchtop Drug-Intercepting System

I&T Wish Movable Benchtop Drug-Intercepting System
(REF : W-0260)
Matched I&T Solution
Trial Project
Summary and Challenges

With experience gained previously and a concern about the risk of respiratory health faced by the staff of a governmental institution assigned to do their usual duty of drug interception through examinations of tool samples collected from a human specimen, there is an imminent need of devising a convenient platform to replace their current practice that requires close contact with the stool samples for a considerable period of time. As such, the platform is expected to meet or tackle the following: 

  • An air-tight, isolated environment for drug interception with an E&M system to deal with sterilization and deodorisation; 
  • Consumables involved in handling of stool samples (such as gloves) best in compositions of novel materials that are directly disposable to water-closets with seawater flush after each operation, whereas some to be replaced on a regular basis; 
  • A video-recording system with 2 or 3 cameras to ensure no hindsight of the platform during operation but also well time-sychronised recording; 
  • To maintain or shorten the cycle time of operation (from readiness of samples to removal of examined samples) to 5 to 10 minutes; 
  • To avoid leakage of solid/liquid stool when transferring samples into and out of the platform.
Expected Outcome

A prototype of movable benchtop drug-intercepting platform and its consumables and accessories to be successfully developed and tested in trial runs in a governmental institution.

Expected Trial Duration

Design & Development – 2 to 3 months & Trial Run – 1 to 2 months

Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr. YIP Chung Ki, Javier
Position:Project Officer/Innovation/30
Tel: 39120667
Upload Date 2020-04-23
Closing Date 2020-05-07