Smart Real Time E.coli Monitoring System

I&T Wish Smart Real Time E.coli Monitoring System
(REF : W-0290)
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Summary and Challenges E.coli is one of the major parameters in the discharge standards of effluent for sewage treatment works.  Disinfection system using chlorine or ultraviolet is installed in the sewage treatment works to ensure the level of E.coli complies with the discharge standards of effluent.  Currently, E.coli detection requires grab sampling and microbial incubation at a laboratory.  The result is often not available until three days after sampling. The disinfection system is not able to be operated in response to the real-time E.coli level and thus, it often consumes more energy/chemical to secure the effluent quality.
Expected Outcome With a real time E.coli monitoring system, it could provide a close-loop control to the disinfection system and optimize the energy efficiency of the system.
Expected Trial Duration 24 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Drainage Services Department (DSD)
Contact Person:Chan Ngo Yin
Position:Electrical & Mechanical Engineer/ Research & Development 1/1
Tel: 25947209

Contact Person:Mr YUEN Wai Man
Position:Engineer/Security/Drainage Services 1
Upload Date 2020-07-18
Closing Date 2020-08-01