Intelligent Air Diffuser for HVAC System

I&T Wish Intelligent Air Diffuser for HVAC System
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Summary and Challenges In a centralized air-conditioning system, the conditioned air is delivered into indoor space to adjust overall room temperature through air diffusers. Since the heat load is usually uneven inside the air-conditioned area, the occupants may not be able to experience an optimal thermal comfort. There may even be a wastage of energy if the conditioned air is not directed to the heat source. The proposed intelligent air diffusing system is particularly tailored for a sudden and uneven heat load in air-conditioned area. It works with Variable Air Volume (VAV) air conditioning system and/or Fan coil unit (FCU) to adjust both airflow rate and airflow direction of the diffusers to the specific targets with heat load. By providing such localized cooling to scattered heat load, energy saving can be achieved while thermal comfort of occupants can be optimized. The project is also featured with artificial intelligent system with built-in control logic, which is able to visualize occupant's body temperature as well as heat load temperature, and control an array of the above closed-loop robotic air diffusing system, by adjusting airflow direction, throw range and flow rate, in response to the change of temperature and location of the specific targets.
Expected Outcome To develop monitoring and control system which detects the location and movements of the heat source, such as body heat and equipment heat dissipation, in a specific space by Artificial Intelligence. To develop a robotic air diffusing system that can swiftly respond to occupants' body temperature as well as equipment heat load by adjusting airflow rate, throw distance, and air direction, thereby enhancing the comfort level of the occupants and reducing the energy usage with a target of 6%-10% energy saving. To develop an interactive graphical interface to demonstrate the effectiveness of the system by displaying a real time distribution of room temperature in various locations of the area.
Expected Trial Duration 12 months
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I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr HOO Yeuk Lai
Position:Project Officer/Innovation/37
Tel: 61767033
Upload Date 2020-06-16
Closing Date 2020-06-30