Smart Exhibit Management System

I&T Wish Smart Exhibit Management System
(REF : W-0322)
Matched I&T Solution
Trial Project
Summary and Challenges Proper handling a large amount of electrical product exhibits is actually a very challenging task for the supervising personnel in the daily works. In order to enhance the operating effectiveness and secure the “Chain of evidence” for handling the exhibits, this project aims to adopt the appropriate technology (e.g. RFID technology) for easily achieving the systematic exhibits record, traceable control and alerting functions under specific situations.
Expected Outcome
  1. Manage the exhibits with traceable control and proper record including registration of new exhibits, borrowing, returning and disposal of exhibits, etc.;
  2. Secure the “Chain of evidence” for handling the exhibits;
  3. Arrange stock-taking of exhibits easily;
  4. Alarm will be triggered under specific situations (e.g. taking out of exhibit from exhibit room without proper transfer, return overdue of borrowed exhibit, etc.).
Expected Trial Duration 12-month duration
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr LEE Wing Shing, Ricky
Position:Electrical and Mechanical Engineer/Electrical Products/1
Tel: 28083107
Upload Date 2020-09-30
Closing Date 2020-10-14