Development of Flexible Photovoltaic System

I&T Wish Development of Flexible Photovoltaic System
(REF : W-0328)
Matched I&T Solution
Trial Project
Summary and Challenges This project aims to develop a prototype of highly bendable and light weight PV system. The subject prototype shall be able to install in curved surface. The bending radius and peak power of the prototype shall able to reach 0.25m and 300W, respectively.
Expected Outcome To develop a highly bendable PV panel for efficient solar energy harvesting.
Expected Trial Duration 18 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr CHEUNG Ka Ho
Position:Project Officer/Innovation/42
Tel: 96370679
Upload Date 2020-10-12
Closing Date 2020-10-26