Rodent Bait Consumption Monitoring Device

I&T Wish Rodent Bait Consumption Monitoring Device
(REF : W-0341)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges Stomach poison is a low-cost and widely adopted approach to control rodent population. Rodenticide mixed with bait is used and 4-5 days are required for the anti-coagulants to give effect after sufficient level is consumed by rodents. Operators are required to conduct site survey regularly for bait refilling or replacement. To facilitate user daily operation, we are looking for solution which can overcome current technology challenges as well as deliver expected outcomes.
Expected Outcome
  • A technological solution involving a small sensor to measure the consumption rate ( e.g. weight of bait and associated information) and transmit signal to EMSD server via LPWAN ( LoRa , Sigfox or equivalent)
  • The device shall be battery-operated with Ingress Protection rating suitable for outdoor and market application.
  • The solution can make reference to the existing rodent bait installation method as shown in the photo, and either offer a comprehensive solution or an enabling gadget as a supplement to exiting methodology
Expected Trial Duration 12-month duration
Contact Information
Contact Person:Mr CHAN Tze Chun
Position:Electronics Engineer/Building Information Modelling/2
Tel: 31553953
Upload Date 2020-12-02
Closing Date 2020-12-16