Station Kiosk Queue Management

Title of I&T Wish Station Kiosk Queue Management
(REF : W-0024)
Project Summary and Challenges

The objective of the project is to help monitor and manage the queuing situation outside MTR station kiosks. Queues are found around some kiosks at high-traffic stations during peak hours. To avoid overcrowding and to alleviate its possible impact on station operation, its management team would like to take proactive measures in monitoring and managing the queuing situation.

We would like to develop a system to monitor the queuing situation outside some kiosks at high-traffic stations. Queue length will be monitored in real time, and alerts will be given to station colleagues, e.g. green alert when the queue is short, yellow alert when the queue gets to a certain length, red alert when the queue exceeds the operational limit that calls for crowd control.

Expected Outcome To develop solutions that monitor and react to the queuing status outside station kiosks
Expected Project Duration 10 months
Contact Information

Name: Jolie Chan (MTR Corporation Ltd.)

Tel: 2993 8589

Project Deliverables

Development of a queue monitoring system for station kiosks