Crowd Control and People Counting by Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies

I&T Wish Crowd Control and People Counting by Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies
(REF : W-0366)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges We are searching for innovative I&T solutions which could achieve Crowd Control and People Counting so as to reduce the chance of crowd gathering and the spread of diseases. The project aims to seek Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies to collect real-time, hourly and daily data for people counting and monitor crowd size, density and flow pattern with high accuracy. The system should be capable in applying to indoor and/or outdoor events such as physical exhibitions, conferences, or major events.
Expected Outcome
  1. The solution shall adopt LoRaWAN technologies in the resulting transmission and interface with Government-Wide IoT Network (GWIN) for data sharing. If a video analytic solution is provided, edge processing for 3D/TOF people counting camera shall be proposed to capture the depth image or point cloud image such that only the related people counting data would be transmitted by LoRaWAN technologies.
  2. The solutions for various types of people counting could be based on multiple detection technologies, and shall support bi-directional counting.
  3. The solution shall be able to analysis the data and provide the crowd size, density, flow results and identify peak visitor times with high accuracy.
  4. The solution shall be able to trigger an alert under some pre-configured condition of crowd numbers.
  5. The solution shall provide a web-based dashboard view for viewing sensor’s data and health status.
  6. The devices shall be designed for outdoor environment under intensive sunlight and light weight.
  7. The devices shall provide an indicator of the successful count of people flow and the healthy connection status.
  8. The devices shall support adjustment in uplink frequency from 1mins to 1 hours, and support counter reset with accumulated counting features.
Expected Trial Duration 9-month
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Lo Wing Sing
Position:Project Officer/Innovation/18
Tel: 3155 3958
Upload Date 2021-06-07
Closing Date 2021-06-21