Energy Analytics for Buildings in Hong Kong

Title of I&T Wish Energy Analytics for Buildings in Hong Kong
(REF : W-0029)
Project Summary and Challenges

The Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance submissions, including the Certificate of Compliance Registration (COCR) and the Form of Compliance (FOC), provide large amounts of useful data related to building service system performance and efficiency. There are more than 40,000 buildings in Hong Kong, and we receive 300 COCR and 1800 FOC submissions every year. The data come in different formats, e.g. word, excel, jpg, pdf and AutoCAD.

We would like to develop a platform to study and analyse the submissions for data analytics on buildings in Hong Kong. The data can be used to analyse building energy performance, e.g. coefficient of performance of air-conditioning systems, and power consumption of lifts and escalators. Not only would it provide us with insights into the trend of Hong Kong's building energy consumption, it would also provide pointers for energy performance benchmarking.

Expected Outcome Energy Analytics for Buildings in Hong Kong 
Contact Information

Name: Mr Kan Chung Ming

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 3995


Project Deliverables

Development of a platform for energy analytics for buildings in Hong Kong