Real-time Monitoring System for Underground Gas Pipes Leakage Detection

I&T Wish Real-time Monitoring System for Underground Gas Pipes Leakage Detection
(REF : W-0381)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges Occasionally, there is leakage from underground gas pipes due to pipe corrosion or damage by impingement of water jet from leaking water pipe nearby, etc. While technologies such as acoustic logger and water leakage detection cable have already been adopted in water pipe leakage monitoring, there is still lack of practical and cost effective technology for continuous monitoring of underground gas pipe condition. It is our wish to develop a real-time monitoring system to monitor the underground gas pipe condition and detect potential gas leakage from underground gas pipes.
Expected Outcome Development of a real-time monitoring system for various gas pipe materials including steel, polyethylene and ductile iron pipes, etc. to:
  1. detect possible gas leakage from an underground gas pipe continuously;
  2. automatically send monitoring data to a remote control center;
  3. alert operator if gas leakage from the gas pipe is suspected;
  4. locate the gas leakage position. The system should be powered by battery with long life, compact and able to be installed in existing valve pits or manholes.
Expected Trial Duration 12-month
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Kenneth Lam
Position:Engineer/Gas Standards A3/2
Tel: 2808 3229
Upload Date 2021-08-25
Closing Date 2021-09-08