BIM-AM Centre

Title of I&T Wish BIM-AM Centre
(REF : W-0032)
Project Summary and Challenges

This project aims to design and build a BIM-AM Centre at our headquarters.

The BIM-AM Centre would serve several purposes. First of all, it provides a formal and permanent place for demonstration of the EMSD BIM-AM System for visitors or clients. It can also act as a training centre for staff to learn about BIM-AM related software and to master the required skills. Lastly, it provides a perfect venue for staff to discuss and check the BIM models submitted by contractors.

The BIM-AM Centre would foster staff collaboration on BIM-AM related projects, furthering the efficiency and effectiveness of project testing and commissioning. Moreover, a permanent demo site for BIM-AM System would cut the time required for setting up and restoring for the purpose of demonstration.

The scope of project should include:

  1. To define different purposes and use cases of the venue
  2. To provide interior design and recommend suitable furniture and materials based on the purposes and use cases established
  3. To build the BIM model for design forecast and accurate renovation using the EMSD BIM-AM Standard and BIM-AM System
  4. To provide as-built BIM model with asset information
  5. To launch the venue
Expected Outcome To design and build a BIM-AM Centre at EMSD HQs
Expected Project Duration
  1. Interior design with BIM model to be finished by Q2 2018
  2. Renovation work to be commenced by late Q2 2018
  3. Launch of the venue and integrate to the BIM-AM System to be finished by Q4 2018
Contact Information

Name: Mr Yuen Piu Hung, Francis

Position: Electronics Engineer

Tel: 2808 3609


Project Deliverables

Design and completion of BIM-AM Centre