GPS Positioning Inside Tunnel

I&T Wish GPS Positioning Inside Tunnel
(REF : W-0403)
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Summary and Challenges
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system. With use of GPS technology, the mobile phone / location devices installed in vehicles can be used for tracking the locations of vehicles at most of areas (including outdoor areas). 
  • However, GPS signal will be lost when vehicles travel inside traffic tunnels, resulting in no information of exact vehicle locations inside tunnels. After vehicles exit the tunnels, the vehicles are re-identified and located. In this case, there is no information of vehicles travelling during tunnels, which are useful for vehicle fleet companies for monitoring fleet locations.
  • Use of standalone GPS repeaters cannot locate the location of vehicles inside tunnel because the GPS signals are the same from GPS antennas with GPS signals just repeated from GPS repeaters. The purpose of this project is to develop an indoor GPS positioning system or any alternative methods inside the existing live-traffic tunnel in order to facilitate the continuous vehicle tracking in terms of vehicle speed and location inside the tunnel.
Expected Outcome
  1. To develop the indoor GPS positioning system or any alternative methods inside the existing live-traffic tunnel with use of the existing positioning devices installed inside vehicles. When the vehicles travel during time period before, during and after travelling tunnels, the existing positioning devices can easily identify the locations continuously (instead of sample spot locations), regardless of vehicles inside or outside tunnel.
  2. To identify the optimal GPS antennas to be installed inside tunnel with site constraints inside tunnel.
  3. To identify the installation locations of GPS facilities inside tunnel.
  4. No additional hardware facilities are required for installation inside vehicles.
  5. No additional software / software modules are required for installation inside the existing positioning devices inside vehicle.
Expected Trial Duration 2-month
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Leung Wai Ho
Position:Asistant Engineer/Transport Services 6/3
Tel: 3908 2543
Initiating Department Transport Department (TD)
Upload Date 2022-03-30
Closing Date 2022-04-13