Automated E-ink tag for Medical equipment Asset Management

I&T Wish Automated E-ink tag for Medical equipment Asset Management
(REF : W-0419)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges
  • Medical equipment plays a critical role in the daily operation of hospitals and medical institutions. This project calls for the development of an automated E-ink Tag with BLE capability (E-Tag) for medical equipment asset management.
  • The E-Tag should be capable of displaying the equipment status information (e.g. asset number, last preventive maintenance date) and automatically switch between the pre-loaded color-images based on internal countdown timer without network communication. The E-ink image importing can be carried out by either BLE or NFC. Battery life of the E-Tag shall preferably be for 5 years or more. Design of the E-Tag and its associated infrastructure shall allow large scale (e.g. >2,000 tags per venue) roll-out in reasonable capital and recurrent cost.
  • With integrated BLE capability, the E-Tag real time location (or last seen location in case of network coverage limitation) can be displayed in the asset management system to facilitate equipment retrieval. If the E-Tag would actively emit RF signals, the project shall also include an assessment on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of the E-tag. Battery life of such an active E-Tag shall preferably be for 2 years or more.
Expected Outcome
  1. Design and provisioning of E-Tag devices with specific and configurable functionalities. Two types of E-Tag are required
    1. Timer E-Tag
    2. BLE E-Tag
  2. The expected battery life for E-Tag type is
    1. Timer E-Tag: 5+ years
    2. BLE E-Tag: 2+ years
  3. The design of the E-Tag should be taken into account of massive deployment and cost-effectiveness
  4. E-Tag management platform including frontend user interface (UI) and backend database (DB). Key functionalities include
    1. E-Tag display design
    2. E-Tag display import & update
    3. E-Tag location information
    4. Storage of E-Tag associate information
    5. API interface for information exchange with external database
  5. Research and testing on the impact of electromagnetic waves and RF signals between E-Tag and medical equipment
  6. Report / standard on the interference analysis
Expected Trial Duration 6-month
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:WONG Shu Yan
Position:Project Officer/Inno/48
Tel: 3528 0267
Upload Date 2022-05-24
Closing Date 2022-06-07