Innovative AV Systems

I&T Wish Innovative AV Systems
(REF : W-0038)
Summary and Challenges

As various meeting rooms and venues at our headquarters are undergoing renovation, this is an opportune time to replace the existing AV provisions with new, more technologically advanced systems.

Wireless charging, flexible tablebox, movable touch table, interactive e-board and wireless presentation technologies are to be provided.

The scope of project should include:

  1. To select and source suitable technologies with corresponding software and hardware
  2. To study the AV provision on the movable touch table to suit the operational need
  3. To allow wireless sharing for screen mirroring and control of different displays for presentation
  4. To provide automated motorised cabinet for the movable touch table to suit different use cases
Expected Outcome Provision of innovative AV systems in meeting rooms
Expected Trial Duration
  1. To select optimal technologies and to source software and hardware by Q2 2018
  2. Installation works for to be commenced by late Q2 2018
  3. Trial and full deployment of the system to be commenced by end of 2018
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr Yuen Piu Hung, Francis
Position:Electronics Engineer
Tel: 2808 3609
Project Deliverables

Design and completion of the provision of new AV systems

Publish Date 2018-05-21
Closing Date 2018-06-04