Bladeless Fan for Ventilation and Air-conditioning in Markets

Title of I&T Wish Bladeless Fan for Ventilation and Air-conditioning in Markets
(REF : W-0043)
Project Summary and Challenges

Most of the ventilation and air-conditioning systems in markets have fans enclosed inside the ductwork or the air handling unit, which are often located at height and not easily reachable, hence causing much inconvenience for maintenance.

This project aims to explore the use of bladeless fans in markets for ease of maintenance, with specific requirements as follows:

  1. All moving and electrical parts located at easily accessible positions,
  2. Air flow, power consumption, size and weight of the bladeless fan comparable to the existing fan, and
  3. Reliable and suitable for markets.
Expected Outcome To implement the use of bladeless fan in ventilation and air-conditioning system in markets for ease of maintenance
Expected Project Duration

Estimated project duration:15 months

  1. 2018 End - Starts;
  2. 2019 Mid - Trial;
  3. Early 2020 - Final Report and implementation.
Contact Information

Name: Mr Li Yin Lok

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 4097


Project Deliverables

Development of a ventilation system using bladeless fans in markets