Grease Removal Device for Kitchen Exhaust Duct

Title of I&T Wish Grease Removal Device for Kitchen Exhaust Duct
(REF : W-0044)
Project Summary and Challenges

This project aims to invent a grease removal device for cleaning kitchen exhaust ducts.

Grease produced during the cooking process would enter the exhaust system and build up on the ductwork. Accumulated grease leaks out through the duct seams, which would not only lead to public complaints, but would also pose fire hazards to our Cooked Food Centre.

Moreover, cleaning the ductwork manually requires technicians to work at height, which should be avoided whenever possible for the sake of safety.

Therefore, we would like to develop an automatic cleaning device that can remove all the grease accumulated on the ductwork, covering both vertical and horizontal ducts, in our Cooked Food Centre within 4 hours. The device should be equipped with a controller and a camera, and the cleaning process should not cause any damage to the ductwork.

Expected Outcome Development of grease removal device for kitchen exhaust duct cleaning
Expected Project Duration The project shall be competed within one and a half years.
Contact Information

Name: Miss Wong Yuk Ying

Position: Engineer

Tel: 3155 4066


Project Deliverables

Development of two automatic cleaning devices for removing grease from kitchen exhaust duct