IoT Application on Monitoring Solar-powered LED Lampposts

Title of I&T Wish IoT Application on Monitoring Solar-powered LED Lampposts
(REF : W-0063)
Project Summary and Challenges

This project aims to study the use of battery diagnostic technologies to monitor the operation and maintenance of solar-powered LED lampposts. Continuous operation of lampposts is critical to public safety.

A pilot test using wireless IoT technology is being planned for the lampposts at Ng Tung River, with the following requirements:

  • Develop sensor modules and a LoRa gateway; and
  • Install modules with temperature sensors, current sensors, RF antenna, battery diagnostic modules and LoRa gateway to solar lampposts.

A detailed report on the pilot test is to be submitted within two months of project completion.

Expected Outcome Wireless IoT Sensor Hub and Big Data Analysis for Public Safety Precaution
Expected Project Duration To be completed by Mar 2019
Contact Information

Name: Mr Lam

Position: Engineer/General Engineering Services/New Territories 2

Tel: 3155 4308


Project Deliverables

Design and completion of a pilot test on the application of IoT technologies for monitoring solar-powered lampposts, with a detailed report on testing results.

Matched I&T Solution S-0058 Smart Real-time Battery State and Health Diagnostics System