A Smart Visiting System for EMSD Headquarters

Title of I&T Wish A Smart Visiting System for EMSD Headquarters
(REF : W-0067)
Project Summary and Challenges

There are around 70,000 visitors to EMSD Headquarters each year, including:

(a) Business visitors;

(b) VIP guests (e.g. officials from foreign governments/institutions);

(c) Attendants of events (e.g. seminar/training courses) and

(d) Visitors to EMSD Exhibition Gallery

The aim of the project is to design and implement a turnkey solution that covers visitor registration, meeting room reservation, indoor navigation, etc. in EMSD Headquarters. While the use of visitors' own mobile phones can be an option, the use of new technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and other peripheral devices are preferred to cater for different visitor groups. If a massive number of sensors and beacons are to be deployed for enriched navigation, their maintenance and management scheme would also be studied as part of the project.


The smart visiting system should be secure, scalable and replicable such that it can be applied to other government venues or public facilities.

The smart visiting system should be developed with the following scope:

  1. Define different use cases of the visiting system
  2. Develop functional requirements of the system based on the use cases and EMSD's current practices and operation of existing visiting system, conference facilities booking system and car park booking system
  3. Select the most suitable technologies and source software and hardware (e.g. smart tags and IoT) to meet the functional requirements
  4. Install the new system, conduct a trial, then refine and enhance the system
  5. Provide an open and standardised application programming interface (API) and protocol to allow third-party integration
Expected Outcome Development of a smart visiting system for EMSD Headquarters to enhance visitors' experience
Expected Project Duration Installation works to be commenced by late 2018;
Trial to be commenced by mid-2019;
Full deployment of the system by end-2019.
Contact Information

Name: Mr LO Lok Kin

Position: Electronics Engineer

Tel: 3757 6168

Email: lklo@emsd.gov.hk

Project Deliverables Development and installation of a smart visiting system at EMSD Headquarters