Video Analytics - Detection of Bulky Objects Near Escalator

Title of I&T Wish Video Analytics - Detection of Bulky Objects Near Escalator
(REF : W-0077)
Project Summary and Challenges

The project aims to reduce incidents due to bulky objects (e.g. wheelchair, baby stroller, goods stroller and bulky luggage) on the escalator in a railway station by using video analytics for object detection.

On detection of bulky objects approaching or near the escalator within the surveillance area, alarm should be given instantly to alert the person carrying the bulky object and remind him/her of the safe use of the escalator. An alarm should also be sent to station control room staff for monitoring the situation, delivery of safety message, and arranging station staff for further action.


Expected Outcome Development of a CCTV monitoring and alarm system using video analytics for detection of bulky objects in the surveillance area in a railway station
Expected Project Duration 12 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr CHAN Chi Kin

Position: Engineer

Tel: 2808 3715


Name: Mr HW Chan

Tel: 2993 2378


Project Deliverables

To detect bulky objects near escalator in railway stations by using video monitoring