Concentration Photovoltaic System

Title of I&T Wish Concentration Photovoltaic System
(REF : W-0050)
Project Summary and Challenges

We would like to explore the use of concentration photovoltaic (CPV) system with a trial at the Prince Philip Dental Hospital (PPDH). Seventeen sets of high efficiency CPV solar concentrating system, with a total power output of 5kW, would be installed at the rooftop of the hospital.

The project represents part of our continued effort in promoting the use of renewable energy. In addition, we would benefit from a lower electricity bill as we plan to join the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme from Hongkong Electric.

Expected Outcome Installation of high efficiency CPV Solar Concentration System in the Prince Philip Dental Hospital
Expected Project Duration Anticipated Contract Start Date: To be confirmed
Anticipated Completion Date: To be confirmed
Contact Information

Name: Mr Mok Man Wing

Position: Engineer

Tel: 2602 2913


Project Deliverables

Installation of 17 sets of the CPV system at PPDH