Alternative to Generator for Essential Power

Title of I&T Wish Alternative to Generator for Essential Power
(REF : W-0105)
Project Summary and Challenges

This project aims to design an energy storage system as an alternative to a generating set.

In Hong Kong, there are certain commercial, composite or domestic buildings that did not have generating sets installed at the time of construction. Due to site constraints, it is hard to install a generating set in these buildings nowadays.

Yet some of the businesses located in these buildings require secondary or even tertiary electricity source to support their operations. Their lack of backup electricity source might bring about potential risks.

Expected Outcome This project aims to design the energy storage system substituting the usage of generating set.
Expected Project Duration To be advised
Contact Information

Name: Mr Cheng Ming Fai

Position: Engineer

Tel: 2505 0215


Project Deliverables

Development of a new energy storage system as backup electricity supply