Artificial Intelligence Based Helpdesk Chatbot

Title of I&T Wish Artificial Intelligence Based Helpdesk Chatbot
(REF : W-0090)
Project Summary and Challenges

The purpose of the project is to enhance the work efficiency of the PC Helpdesk by Chatbot-aided responses and triage for handling user inquiries and service requests. The Chatbot should feature AI capability that allows it to learn from experience and improve by continuous practice. It should be able to handle common service requests such as resetting account passwords, assisting in the collection of user machine information to streamline arrangement for joining the domain network, and raising tickets for requests/fault calls.

The Chatbot should be developed to meet the following requirements:

  1. automatic responses to inquiries in verbal (phone calls) or textual form;
  2. an AI model that would learn from experience and improve overall efficiency over time;
  3. a Graphical User Interface for interaction with service users, including PC Helpdesk team members and users of Helpdesk services; and
  4. a dashboard for human users to control and interact with when reviewing the system's overall performance and its learning process based on the AI model
Expected Outcome Helpdesk Chatbot assists the PC Helpdesk to handle repetitive user service requests, e.g. resetting password, joining domain, raising tickets for services errors/requests.
Expected Project Duration 6 - 9 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr Sen Hok Bunn

Position: Senior Engineer

Tel: 3155 3945


Project Deliverables

Development of an AI-based Helpdesk Chabot