Energy Database Management System

Title of I&T Wish Energy Database Management System
(REF : W-0095)
Project Summary and Challenges

Aging or improper use of electrical, mechanical and air-conditioning equipment could sometimes cause higher energy consumption and bills. A centralised monitoring system on energy consumption is therefore being sought for facility managers and users to better understand and manage the way energy is being used in their buildings. With a view to enhancing the overall energy efficiency, the centralised monitoring system and database should provide detailed, graphical reports of energy consumption distribution (e.g. by building, by location, by user division, by type of equipment, by energy source, etc). These reports would facilitate benchmarking of energy utilisation and suggest energy saving opportunities.

Expected Outcome To develop a computerized database system to monitor and benchmark the energy consumption among different buildings with a view to enhancing the energy utilization.
Expected Project Duration 20 months.
Contact Information

Name: Mr Lee

Position: Engineer/Innovation/1

Tel: 3757 6257


Project Deliverables

Development of a centralised database and monitoring system on energy consumption

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