Digital Operations and Maintenance Information System

Title of I&T Wish Digital Operations and Maintenance Information System
(REF : W-0052)
Project Summary and Challenges

Frontline staff handle maintenance of various types of equipment every day. Their work calls for perusal of manuals, schematics and equipment profiles, which are often too heavy and bulky to carry to the site.

This project aims to develop a mobile app to provide frontline staff with easy access and search functions for the information they require for maintenance work. With the app, they could easily find and view the relevant documents anytime anywhere. They could use keywords or QR codes to enhance their search for relevant information.

In addition, a Bluetooth beacon could be installed in the plant room. The beacon would store location-specific information and documents that would pop up whenever a mobile device detects the beacon. Such "push" of handy information would greatly reduce the time required for site staff to look for information.

However, there are some challenges at the early stage of project implementation. It would be difficult to collect all the schematics and manuals and to install Bluetooth beacons in various locations. It would also take time for staff to adopt the system.

We would like to start with a trial at Hong Kong Children Hospital. We may explore the possibility of implementing the system at other venues if the trial is successful.

Expected Outcome Front-line staff handle maintenance of various equipment every day. During the maintenance, reading manual, schematic and equipment profile are necessary. Walking to and from the site and workshop is time consuming while bringing a handy of booklets to site is impractical. A way to provide useful information to frontline staff on site will help facilitate their daily works.
Expected Project Duration Anticipated Contract Start Date: 2018
Anticipated Completion Date: 2019
Contact Information

Name: Mr Lee

Position: Engineer/Health/Kowloon Central/6

Tel: 3506 8203


Project Deliverables

Development of a mobile app as an O&M info locator for frontline staff

Matched I&T Solution S-0083 Digital Operations and Maintenance Information System (O&M Info Locator)