13 April 2019 - The HKIE Engineering Day

The Hong Kong Institute of Engineering and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University co-hosted "The HKIE Engineering Day" on the 13th April 2019. The event was aimed at younger generations, in hopes that by deepening the public's knowledge on STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and the profession of engineer, they will be inspired to pursue in the field of engineering. The day consisted of various activities related to smart city development and sharing sessions from experienced engineers to talk about the prospects of a career in engineering.

EMSD (Electrical and Mechanical Services Department) held a booth in the exhibition with informative display boards and videos which allowed visitors to be introduced to partnered-projects from EMSD and other governmental sectors. Visitors of the industry and the public were introduced to EMSD'S online platform which enables I&T collaboration (E&M InnoPortal), and have learnt the continuing efforts to support the development of start-ups within the E&M industry.

On the day we handed out leaflets and merchandises about the E&M InnoPortal, the reaction of the visitors was positive and enthusiastic. A number of start-ups and students showed particular interest in the E&M InnoPortal, and hope that the online platform which connects the E&M industry with Innovation & Technology (I&T) can help find suitable testing sites and support for them to improve.  

The promotion of I&T and Smart City development is the path of the future and EMSD will continue to participate and host activities related to this to encourage I&T development in Hong Kong.


Moments on the event "The HKIE Engineering Day"