28 Aug 2019 - BFAC appreciated Government's efforts in facilitating application of innovation and technology

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) was invited to join the 40th meeting of the Business Facilitation Advisory Committee (BFAC) held on 28 August 2019 to give a briefing on how the E&M InnoPortal facilitates the application of innovation and technology (I&T) in the Government in collaboration with the I&T sector.

The E&M InnoPortal collects from government departments, public organisations and the electrical and mechanical trade their needs for various technologies for the I&T sector, including start-ups and academic institutions, to offer corresponding I&T solutions to match such needs.  The E&M InnoPortal not only promotes the commercialisation of the results of research and development, but also facilitates government departments and public organisations in identifying I&T solutions through the application of new technologies, thus promoting the development of a smart city.

The BFAC appreciated the EMSD's efforts in promoting I&T development, facilitating the application of I&T in the Government and enhancing public service through launching of the E&M InnoPortal.

Papers for the BFAC meeting are available at  www.gov.hk/en/business/supportenterprises/bf/advisory/index.htm for public access.