Successful Development of the First Electric Mobility Device Speed Tester

In recent years, electric mobility devices (EMDs), such as electric scooters, electric unicycles, electric hoverboards, etc., which pose threat to road safety, are often spotted on the roads in Hong Kong. Under the current legislation, EMDs are regulated by motor vehicle-related ordinances. For cases involving EMDs, scientific evidence is required to prove the speed of the devices. However, since road tests take time and involve high costs and substantial manpower, law enforcement and prosecution departments will be under great pressure in the long run.

To test the speed of EMDs, the Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) and the Department of Justice worked together with the EMSD and developed the Electric Mobility Device Speed Tester. The speed tester adopted an automatic mechanical device with robotic arms to simulate the limbs of the testing personnel to control the acceleration, deceleration and braking movements of the EMDs. It can also be used to test various models of EMDs and will automatically generate reports with the relevant data, which can enhance the efficiency, save resources and costs, and expedite the entire process with a higher safety level.

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