Smart@GWIN E&M IoT Application Challenge

Organised by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), the "Smart@GWIN" E&M IoT Application Challenge aims to promote widespread application of Government Wide IoT Network (GWIN) in daily life, optimise smart city management and enhance the quality of public life, in order to maximise the value of public services for the community. The Challenge would also like to engage youngsters to brainstorm the adoption of our GWIN for betterment of the society.

"Smart@GWIN" E&M IoT Application Challenge (「智在GWIN」物聯網機電應用挑戰賽) has been successfully launched and is now ready for primary, secondary and tertiary students' application, in form of individual or groups with maximum three members, until 15 July 2022.

To support the Challenge, various activities will be conducted in the next few months. The first activity highlight will be the Pre-Challenge Workshop which will be held in May and June 2022. Workshop agenda includes the Internet of things (IoT) concept, introduction to GWIN and its application, recommendation on the application of challenge and a virtual tour to EMSD InnoZone.

Interested parties could register via the link below: