NanoFIL KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter

I&T Solution NanoFIL KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter
(REF : S-0343)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • NanoFil combines the use of electrospinning, electrostatic and absorption technologies in its filter media, with more advantages than traditional filter
  • A multifunctional nanofiber air filter that can effectively filter out airborne allergens and air contaminants, including PM2.5 and odor
  • It can remove 90% VOC, formaldehyde, acetone, benzene
  • It can be able to kill >99% bacteria without using visible light, ozone, plasma, UV and etc.
  • Electrostatically-enhanced filtration facilitates high filtration efficiency and low pressure drop
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • NanoFIL filter media can be fabricated as 2-inch thick mini-pleated HVAC filter, that can be installed in AHUs of buildings
  • Replace a 2” pre-filter and primary filter (e.g. 12” metal box filter or bag filter) with only one single 2” NanoFIL filter
  • Reduction in storage space and landfill of metal box filters or bag filters
  • Potential saving on filter maintenance and potential energy saving due to lower pressure drop
  • NanoFIL filter can improve IAQ and reduce airborne allergens and bacteria
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Nanofil Filtration Technology Limited
Address:Unit C & D, 6/F, Tsuen Tung Factory Building, 38-40 Chai Wan Kok Street, Tsuen Wan, New Territories, HK
Contact Person:Jacoe Yeung
Position:Chief Operating Officer
Tel: 3708 1836

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