Territory-wide Tree Health Monitoring UAV System

Title of I&T Wish Territory-wide Tree Health Monitoring UAV System
(REF : W-0153)
Project Summary and Challenges

The project aims to apply unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with visual and multi-spectral sensing system, video analytics and AI to build a cost-effective system to perform long-term tree health monitoring over large areas and ultimately for territory-wide coverage.

At present, tree health monitoring over large areas using traditional manual survey methodology is hard and laborious. We hope the new UAV monitoring system could provide a fast and cost-effective solution.

The new system will collect comprehensive and useful data for building a territory-wide tree health database, which in turn will help evaluate the health and sustainability of the ecosystem of urban and rural areas in Hong Kong.

Moreover, the monitoring system will provide useful data to improve the caring and health of trees throughout the territory, preventing incidents of falling trees and associated risks to people.



Expected Outcome To apply UAV, video analytic and A.I. technology for building a long term territory wide tree health monitoring system.
Expected Project Duration 18 months
Contact Information

Name: Mr TANG Ngai Man

Position: Senior Engineer/Municipal/Project

Tel: 2808 3407

Email: nmtang@emsd.gov.hk

Project Deliverables

Development of a territory-wide tree health monitoring system using UAVs and other technologies