Application of DC Power Distribution in EMSD Headquarters

Title of I&T Wish Application of DC Power Distribution in EMSD Headquarters
(REF : W-0195)
Project Summary and Challenges AC system has been a standard for electricity distribution in buildings for a long time. From the demand side, number of DC-powered electrical appliances have been increasing due to rapid development of electronics technologies. From the supply side, most renewable energy sources generate DC power. In the long run, with the increasing use of renewable energy sources, it is foreseeable DC power source would have greater contribution for power consumption in buildings. Therefore, this is potential of increasing energy efficiency by using DC power distribution network since the prevalent widespread use of DC-AC inverters or AC-DC converters are actually consuming energy.

The objective of the project is to increase the building electricity efficiency by properly regulating different levels of low voltage DC grids for different types of appliances to reduce energy loss in power conversion. Develop algorithm to diagnose the health thus to achieve preventive maintenance of the DC Power Distribution system.
1. The project requires to define the electricity usage of different appliances and provide adaptive DC Power Distribution system, such as AC-DC converter, DC-DC converter and DC protection solution.
2. Preventive Maintenance of the power supply system by online monitoring and report system’s health status.
Expected Outcome 1. To develop DC Power Distribution system.
2. To develop real-time monitoring and data-logging system for the illustration the power consumption of electrical apparatus.
3. To develop a control logic for evaluation the key components' health of an DC Power supply system.
4. To deploy the system at a meeting room and as a showcase at InnoZone of EMSD HQs.
Expected Project Duration 12 months.
Contact Information

Name: Mr WONG Yat Lung, Winson

Position: Building Services Engineer

Tel: 2808 3772