Application of 5G - Smart City Development

To facilitate the application of innovation and technology for smart city development, the government encourages 5G applications which is characterised by high speed, low latency and the ability to support a massive number of Internet of Things devices. EMSD has published a series of I&T wishes for 5G on E&M InnoPortal. Proposal for I&T solutions from I&T companies and universities for addressing these I&T wishes are welcome.

I & T Wishes for 5G application

I&T Wish No. I&T Wish
W-0392 5G-enabled Robot for the Docent Services
W-0389 5G Smart Glasses / Helmet for Mixed Reality (MR) and Augmented Reality (AR) O&M Assistance
W-0345 5G Tag-free Electronic Road Pricing (ERP)
W-0348 5G Drones System for automatic routine maintenance checking and early defect identification of E&M facilities
W-0349 Smart Glasses for Mixed Reality (MR) O&M Assistance with potential 5G integration