Advanced Video Analysis System Of Giga-pixel Surveillance Camera For Gateway

I&T Solution Advanced Video Analysis System Of Giga-pixel Surveillance Camera For Gateway
(REF : S-1033)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Our independently developed, 150 Million Pixel Surveillance Camera, can provide high-quality, real-time and full-color video collections for activities with high density of people,in large-scale scenes.
  • Our system is capable of monitoring and make accurate identification of the crowd in a specific area from a distance, as well as calculating the total number of the people, with an accuracy of more than 90%.
  • The Giga-pixel Camera works with a box camera fixed in the overhead position of the gateway, to enhance the accuracy of counting.
  • To deal with different weather conditions, our product has weather-proof designs by the IP67 safety protection.
  • Our flexible and configurable background system uploads the counting result to the public cloud and supports advanced development.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Our company has developed and mass produced the Giga-pixel Surveillance Camera, which has been applied in Beijing 101 Middle School, Kashgar Area of Xinjiang and other places. It works stably, and can be quickly installed for trial.
  • Our company has implemented the algorithm for calculating the number of people under long distances and large-scale scenes, with an accuracy of more than 90%. It works well under various circumstances and easily deployed for trial.
  • Once the solution for connecting to the public cloud and the plan for uploading the counting results are confirmed, we are capable of developing the function.
  • We debug the system after the camera, server and other edge equipment and software are prepared.
  • Especially for this project, we have developed a demo page to watch the real-time video of 150-million- pixel resolution, updating the number of people and crowd density. We are also capable of realizing the functions of warning cross-border behaviors and crowd congestion.
Additional Solution Information 亿级像素超高清出入口顶位智能视频分析系统Advanced Video Analysis System Of Giga-pixel Surveillance Camera For Gateway.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Zeming Tong
Address:Room2501-1,25/F, Building D, Qinghua Tongfang Technology Building, Courtyard 1,Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Contact Person:Zeming Tong
Position:Deputy General Manager
Tel: +86-18610655451

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