Hiker Safety System using LoRa Technologies

I&T Solution Hiker Safety System using LoRa Technologies
(REF : S-0814)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • IoT tracking devices: A LoRaWAN (TM) wearable LoRa tracker. It features:   
      a) GPS function
      b) SOS function
      c) Operating time about 4 or more days. (it varies on the setting)
      d) We extend the functionality of the watch by connect it to mobile phone through bluetooth to use LoRaWAN as a instant messaging network and more.

  • Mobile Application (for enhanced mode) :
      a) User create a group chat and share it with other members of the group to chat, share location or even send SOS signal.
      b) When live location sharing is activated, every participants will show up on the map, user are advised to download the offline map prior to the trip, with color dot to indicate the last report time.
      c) Press and hold a button to send SOS signal to the group and service centre. Group mates will receive the SOS signal to alert them to provide assistance.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Safe area can be drawn to Geo-fencing the user not to go far off the main trail or edge of the LoRaWAN coverage.
  • When the application on the mobile phone detects lose of LoRaWAN signal, it will switch to mobile network to continue it function while report to the service centre as the edge of the LoRaWAN network coverage or the blind spot.
  • Platform for Service Centre : With the previous experience of development of EMSD "centralized Fault call reporting platform with Android app,
  • A new comprehensive web-based platform will be built to incorporate function of managing the tracking records, SOS alert, geo fencing and to provide instant detail report of the SOS call to rescue team for quick response.
Additional Solution Information LW-360HR_feature&Specificaton.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Lutex LED Solution Limited
Address:Flat B, 7/F, BLK 3, Golden Dragon Industrial Centre, 172-180 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong
Contact Person:Hon Yau Tin Jacky
Position:General Manager
Tel: (852) 3905 1581
Email: info@lutexled.com
Webpage: www.lutexled.com

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