The technical scheme of the development project of a storage tank inner wall inspection robot system

I&T Solution The technical scheme of the development project of a storage tank inner wall inspection robot system
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Solution Feature
  • Magnetic adsorption robot used for the inspection of the inner wall of storage tanks. It has the characteristics of high safety, good movement flexibility, etc.;
  • 360° PTZ night vision camera with real-time video data transmission function;
  • The ultrasonic thickness measurement module measures the thickness change of the storage tank and stores the data information;The phased array non-destructive testing module measures defects in specific positions inside the tank;
  • Configure the intelligent control system to realize the real-time control of the whole system;
  • Database and analysis and processing system for analyzing, processing and storing data. Form a database for storage tank inspection.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Developed a set of permanent magnet wall climbing robot system for walking on the inner wall of storage tank, which has good flexibility, stability and reliability;
  • Intelligent night vision vision system realizes real-time transmission and storage of video data;
  • The intelligent detection module system can realize the thickness data collection for the key positions of the inner wall, and the specific weld detection data collection;
  • Portable intelligent control system, real-time control of the on-off and data acquisition of each detection module;
  • The developed database and analysis system can store data in real time, forming a complete set of database system for storage tank inspection.
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