AHU Pre-filter Aided by Acoustic Vibration System Coupled with Novel Retractable Main Filter

I&T Solution AHU Pre-filter Aided by Acoustic Vibration System Coupled with Novel Retractable Main Filter
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  • Acoustic vibration system (Acoustic-aided air filtration technology) induces vibrational motions on the airborne particles when they pass through the air filter fibre layer. This mechanism enhances the filtration efficiency of an air filter without increases its pressure drop. Thus, acoustic vibration system can enhance the energy efficiency as well.
  • Acoustic vibration system will be applied to enhance the efficiencies of both AHU pre-filter and main filter. With the pre-filter removing more dust and coarse particles from the air stream, the main filter’s life will be extended, and its replacement frequency can be reduced.
  • To further enhance the energy-efficiency, a novel retractable mechanism with logic control will be included. Real-time monitoring particle concentration sensor will be located upstream of the AHU, a motorized hinge will automatically control the main filter like a valve. Operation status and data will be accessible online through data-logging.
  • When the upstream particle concentration is lower than a certain criterion, the main filter will be retracted. Thus, the clean air will not pass through the filter, saving a huge amount of fan energy. This will encourage buildings to improve indoor air quality, since cleaner air saves more energy.
  • The novel retractable mechanism for main filter is only possible as acoustic vibration system frees up space for the mechanized moving part in the air filter compartment inside the AHU, since the acoustic vibration system allows using panel filters to replace bag filters in the AHU.
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Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:Aurabeat Technology Limited
Address:Unit 212D, IC Development Centre, 6 Science Park West Avenue, Hong Kong Science Park, Shatin, HK
Contact Person:Sze To Gin Nam, Roger
Position:Chief Technology Officer
Tel: 9736 9925
Email: rogerszeto@aurabeat.com.hk
Webpage: https://www.aurabeat.com.hk/

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