Delivery Robot

I&T Solution Delivery Robot
(REF : S-0515)
Trial Project
Solution Feature
  • Objective: this delivery robot can reduce interpersonal contact by delivering food, medicine and documents to patients / people in quarantine.
  • This delivery robot makes use of vSLAM and laser based SLAM technology. It’s stable and has good obstacle avoidance capability. The delivery robot has been tested in various real conditions and terrains to successfully deliver object to the destination.
  • This delivery robot can move with great flexibility. The robot is designed with highly integrated IC modules in much reduced size, allowing it to move through narrow passage.
  • This delivery robot is embedded with high-end laser radar system, navigation and obstacle avoidance system to guarantee safety and reliability. In addition, delivery robot’s real-time location and condition is tracked and reported through IoT communication.
  • The robot can take elevator and automatically travel between different floors by inter-linking with elevator’s control system.
Trial Application and Expected Outcome
  • Test of system security: can track item over entire delivery process. Recipient needs Face ID/fingerprint/passcode identification to unlock door.
  • Delivery robot can switch between different working scenarios to deliver a variety of items without pause.
  • Test of obstacle avoidance function by putting obstacle at a passage to verify whether delivery robot can halt upon detection of obstacle and automatically choose a new pathway.
  • Test of auto-charging function: embedded battery monitoring system detects battery level and trigger a “low battery command” requesting delivery robot to get back to charging station and resume work upon full charging.
  • Test of motion stability by delivering a box of round objects and liquid with open lid container to check if any spill.
Additional Solution Information 派送机器人附件.pdf
Info on I&T Solution Provider
Solution Provider:TUS-CLP Smart Energy Technology Co.Ltd.
Address:21st Floor, TUS Building, 286 Nanguang Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Contact Person:Wang Long ; Wei Wensong
Position:Senior Marketing Manager
Tel: +852 54063453;+86 18610005689

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