Low Power IoT End-Devices for Drainage Application

I&T Wish Low Power IoT End-Devices for Drainage Application
(REF : W-0224)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges In order to align with Smart City initiative and to develop Internet of Thing (IoT) use case for drainage services in Hong Kong, we are now searching for a variety of LoRa based sensing devices which can perform functions, including but not limited to, water flow measurement, water level measurement, networked time-lapse camera and LoRa gateway health monitoring etc., plus the provision of renewable energy harvesting and power supply unit to ease the deployment at remote sites and rural areas. The devices shall be compatible with LoRa gateway (LoRaWAN Standard v1.0.2 or above) and shall overcome current technology challenges as well as deliver expected outcomes.


  1. Off-grid (self-powered) water flow measurement LoRa device
  2. Off-grid (self-powered) water level measurement LoRa device
  3. Off-grid (self-powered) networked time-lapse low power camera
  4. Renewable energy harvesting for remote site equipment power supply with health status broadcast using LoRa technology
  5. Comprehensive health monitoring solution for physical health status of installed LoRa Gateway
Expected Outcome Research and development shall be carried out to deliver suitable end-device solutions that to fulfill the use case requirements, especially for types that are not readily available in the market. It
Expected Trial Duration 12-month duration: December 2019 to December 2020
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr CHAN Tze Chun
Position:Electronics Engineer/Building Information Modelling/2
Tel: 31553953
Email: chantzechun@emsd.gov.hk
Upload Date 2019-11-12
Closing Date 2019-11-26