LoRaWAN Drain Clog Detection

I&T Wish LoRaWAN Drain Clog Detection
(REF : W-0233)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges We are looking for a smart drain clog detection system to ensure the functionality of drainage system, instead of traditional method by conducting regular inspection. we are now searching for a drain clog detection system which shall interface with the LoRaWAN Gateway (LoRaWAN Standard V1.0.2 or above).

The LoRaWAN Drain Clog Detection system is expected to achieve the following:
  • i) Monitor blockage of drainage system, (e.g. blocked by leaves, rubbish, etc.) and provide early warning to users before rainy days and flooding occurs.
  • ii) Interface with Lora (protocol conversion& interfacing unit shall be provided by Solution Provider)
  • iii) Easy to install in existing building. Prefer wireless sensor.
  • iv) The system shall deploy LoRaWAN technology & shall operate in AS923MHz frequency band;
  • v) The data transmitted shall be sent to EMSD owns LoRaWAN network server with specified data format, for further integrate with the LoRaWAN Gateway, Network Server, and EMSD owned IoT network server platform.
  • vi) System alert when the monitoring parameters fall below threshold (adjustable);
  • vii) The solution provider could also propose other smart features to further enhance the facility management and user experience.
The adoption of additional features would be subjected to Engineer's final decision.
Expected Outcome Solution provider shall be responsible for design, supply and install such sensors.
Expected Trial Duration 6 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:Mr. NG Cho Hon, Joe
Position:Senior Engineer/ Security/ Kowloon
Tel: 28083292
Email: chng@emsd.gov.hk
Upload Date 2020-01-14
Closing Date 2020-02-28