Smart Railway Intrusion Detection System for Real Time Detection of Intrusion Objects Infringing into Outdoor Railway Protection Areas

I&T Wish Smart Railway Intrusion Detection System for Real Time Detection of Intrusion Objects Infringing into Outdoor Railway Protection Areas
(REF : W-0364)
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Trial Project
Summary and Challenges There are outdoor railway sections, like railway tracks under and alongside flyovers/footbridges, exposing to potential risks of intrusion objects which could endanger railway safety. This project is looking for smart detection solution using technologies such as LiDAR and/or optical image recognition as well as video analytic for real time detection of intrusion objects infringing into outdoor railway sections so that train drivers and railway controllers can be alerted and take remedial actions promptly to stop train running into the affected areas and clear the potential hazards. Three locations (subject to liaison with MTRCL) will be selected for trial of the smart detection solution. Due to site constraints, AC supply may not be available at the trial locations and the system should be able to operate with its own power supply (e.g. battery) under adverse weather condition for prolonged operation. Remarks: The solution provider should provide the I&T solution proposal to EMSD on or before the closing date. It should be included the preliminary design idea with the block diagram, workflow and budgetary ballpark cost estimate. EMSD may invite the proposer to conduct a presentation for introducing the proposal.
Expected Outcome Deliver a whole package solution including selection of suitable smart detection technologies (with reference to international practices), system design, equipment installation/setup, lab tests, site installation, site trial and fine-tuning after site trial. All necessary software, hardware, cabling and installation have to be provided and whole system has to be stand-alone. One set of detection system will have to be installed at each of the 3 trial locations. The system will have to be fine-tuned after site trial for improvement on detection accuracy. A final report is required to conclude the appropriate technology, system design and configuration, effectiveness of the trial system, constraints, estimated implementation cost, etc. The project is expected to complete in 21 months [Feasibility study/methodology development, system design & selection (4 months); provision of suitable equipment and system development (6 months); system tests and equipment installation at the 3 trial locations (4 months); trial operation and system fine-tuning (5 months); system review and compilation of review report (2 months)].
Expected Trial Duration 21 months
Contact Information
I&T Wish Proposer:Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Contact Person:LAM Chung Hiu, Kinson
Position:Senior Engineer/Railways 9
Tel: 3912 0612
Upload Date 2021-06-03
Closing Date 2021-06-17